Zenit - Historic Embrace of Paul VI and Patriarch Remembered in Book

"The world has opened our eyes to a totally unexpected event," a retired senior Vatican official and close collaborator to both Pope Paul VI and John XXIII has said.

During a presentation Tuesday at the Vatican Radio headquarters in Vatican City of the book, "L'abbraccio di Gerusalemme" ("The 'Embrace' of Jerusalem - Fifty Years Ago, the historic meeting between Pope Paul VI and Athenagoras"), written by Valeria Martano and published by Paulist Press, Cardinal Paul Poupard, president emeritus of the Pontifical Councils for Culture and for Interreligious Dialogue, stressed the decisive roles of Paul VI and John XXIII.

Through the meeting of Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew, respective successors to Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras, they will commemorate the historic moment of the "embrace" 50 years ago in Jerusalem.

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