A Pastoral Statement on Orthodox/Roman Catholic Marriages by the Joint Committee of Orthodox and Catholic Bishops (5 October 1990)

Meeting now from October 3 to 5, 1990, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, we wish to make this joint statement about Christian marriage and to offer recommendations which, if implemented, could assist Roman Catholic and Orthodox couples to fulfill more responsibly the requirements of their churches...

Joint Recommendations on the Spiritual Formation of Children on Marriage between Orthodox and Roman Catholics U.S. Theological Consultation, 1980

In this consultation's "Agreed Statement on Mixed Marriages" (New York City, May 20, 1970) reference was made to the spiritual formation of children of marriages involving Orthodox and Roman Catholic partners. The consultation affirms the position taken in that statement but now...

Orthodox-Catholic agreed statement on Mixed Marriage (4 November 1971)

The recent dialogue between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches has led to a deeper appreciation of their common tradition of faith. This exploration has helped us to reassess some specific theological and pastoral problems in the area of Christian marriage. We recognize the practical difficulties...

Recommendation by Orthodox-Catholic Consultation to permit Catholics to marry Orthodox with an Orthodox priest officiating (26 May 1970)

May 26, 1970 news release by the United States Catholic Conference detailing the recommendation that the Catholic Church permit Catholics to marry Orthodox Christians with an Orthodox priest officiating.


Statement US Orthodox-Catholic Consultation permitting inter-Christian marriage (6 May 1970)

May 6, 1970 NC News Service release following the third consultation between Roman Catholic and Orthodox theologians on the topic of intercommunion between Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics.


Vatican Announcement of Inter-Christian Marriage (30 January 1967)

January 30, 1967 statement by the Vatican officially recognizing inter-Christian marriages between Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians. The relevant content is found on pp. 165-166.


Marriage of Catholics with Baptized Non-Catholic Orientals (22 February 1967)

A decree of the S. C. for the Oriental Church, Crescens matrimoniorum , entitled: "On Mixed Marriages between Catholics and Baptized Non-Catholic Orientals." The growing frequency of mixed marriages between Oriental Catholics and Oriental Christians who are not Catholics, in the Oriental...